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Cosmetic Acupuncture 101

What the heck is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture enhances the physical appearance of the external body by using tiny needles, cups, gua sha, or a jade roller. Cosmetic acupuncture promotes blood circulation, enhances collagen production, balances hormones, breaks down cellulite, increases energy, improves sleep, strengthens digestion for a stronger metabolism, and reduces stress while relaxing the body.

What does it treat?

For the face cosmetic acupuncture treats fine lines, wrinkles, cystic acne, breakouts, acne scars, sun or age spots, brightens the under eye area, sculpts the jawline and cheeks, and also treats medical conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia or bell's palsy.

For the head cosmetic acupuncture treats hair loss, whether from genetics or conditions such as alopecia, by promoting hair growth.

For the rest of the body cosmetic acupuncture can treat stretch marks, scars, cellulite, superficial bumps or lumps (non cancerous), uneven breasts, breast lumps, inverted nipples, sagging skin, skin tags, and age or sun spots.

How does it work?

Let’s start with acupuncture needling. For most cosmetic issues teeny tiny needles are inserted either into or around the target areas. For fine lines and wrinkles the acupuncture needles are inserted directly into the wrinkles. Why? By putting needles directly into wrinkles it causes a micro tear in the skin which signals the body to increase blood circulation and produce immune cells. The body sends protein to fill in these areas which is a process known as collagen production. Needling creates mental and physical awareness for your body to send more energy and resources to the area. This direct method can also be used for things like scars, skin spots, hair loss, stretch marks, and cellulite.

Indirect needling (needling close to or encircling an area) is used for brightening under the eyes, acne, lumps (non cancerous like calcium deposits), inverted nipples, or skin tags.

With repeated use cosmetic acupuncture needling tightens the skin giving it a lifted, more sculpted and smoother appearance. Not to mention a gorgeous healthy glow!

Gua Sha is another treatment tool for cosmetic acupuncture. A gua sha tool is small and handheld. It has rounded or smoothed edges and is made from materials such as jade, rose quartz, or bian stone. The Gua Sha tool is rubbed over the face and neck or areas of cellulite to promote blood circulation, release muscle tension, and break down areas of stagnation. Gua Sha is like a miny massage for your face and body which leaves you with a beautiful glow and feeling great!

Cupping has a similar effect as gua sha. Silicone cups are used and they create a mild vacuum on the skin which promotes blood and nutrient circulation, releases muscle tension, dispels toxins, and breaks down areas of stagnancy like wrinkles and cellulite. Cupping used daily has an amazing effect on skin tone, regeneration, lustre, and appeal! See below for a demonstration.

A jade roller is another tool of cosmetic acupuncture that is best used as part of a daily skin care routine. A small piece of rounded jade is attached to a handle and rolled over target areas like fine lines and wrinkles. Because jade is cool it closes and tightens the pores which discourages fine lines and wrinkles.

How is cosmetic acupuncture different from "normal" Acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture is different from "normal acupuncture" because it targets the superficial aspect of the body. However, the entire body is still treated with cosmetic acupuncture. An intake is always done with my clients so I can understand where the body is at and what is going on internally. The intake entails different questions regarding sleep, energy, digestion, temperature, womens’ menstrual cycles, stress, etc as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis. This gives me a good understanding of what is going on internally that needs to be addressed. In this way, cosmetic acupuncture sessions treat both the external and the internal. In addition to treating targeted superficial areas, traditional acupuncture points are used to amplify, balance, and regulate the body. This allows for a treatment that provides maximum effectiveness for my clients.

How often should I get cosmetic acupuncture?

For best results a course of ten cosmetic acupuncture treatments over approximately one month is recommended. Acupuncture is cumulative so repeated treatments are needed for a long lasting effect. Clients will start seeing results after their first treatment, but will see lasting changes at the midpoint of a course of treatments. Please take note that every individual and their cosmetic acupuncture focus is unique and different. Things such as overall health, age, diet, stress, and client participation all factor into your results.

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